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This is a GAME CHANGER for anyone who wears glasses in 2020! Wiped my lenses in the morning and photographed a wedding all day with zero & I mean ZERO fogging on my glasses. 
Such an amazing product - Glasses Wearers...YOU NEED THIS CLOTH!
Sarah Bryden - Professional Photographer

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we are so confident that it works and lasts, we offer a money back Guarantee!

"How can you be so confident about the results you promise?"
After months of not being able to offer our patients a solution for this frustrating problem, we (Vik & Alan - Both Qualified Optometrists from the UK) decided to take the matter into our own hands, and find a solution that actually worked!

We tried and tested everything we could get our hands on (spending hundreds of pounds in the process). we bought countless solutions, sprays, wet wipes and clothes from eBay, Amazon and international recognised optical wholesalers, but nothing quite met up our high standards and simply the results weren't good enough to offer them to our patients.

"The other products on the market either didn't last for very long, left a horrible residue on the lenses, or in some cases ended up damaging the frames or the lenses!!"

Enough was enough, a solution that worked and lasted need to be created from ground up, and this is when FreefromFog was born!

still don't believe that finally there's a solution to this problem

here's what others are saying

I wear masks all day at my work and I couldn't keep my glasses clear  UNTIL NOW! This is the best thing I have bought this year - so simple but so effective.
L Mitchell - receptionist & varifocal wearer
Not being able to see with the steam on my glasses was causing me to panic inside shops. It was so bad I would have to drop everything and get out. With these cloths the steam simply stays away. I now feel way more relaxed and confident when going shopping in my mask. So Happy!!
L Moffitt - Retired Nurse & varifocal wearer
WOW!! It actually works! If you are a spectacle wearer and find yourself pulling your glasses and mask on and off 100 times a day due to fogging lenses then YOU NEED THIS CLOTH! 
A. Hassan-McClean -  Glasses Wearer

So these are the facts you need to know to...

Consistently get great result that last

  • Ensure your glasses are pre cleaned (for ultimate results with the Microfibre Booster Cloth)
  • Remove your FreeFromFog cloth from the sealed packet and rub each lens front and back for a minimum of 60 seconds, ensure you get all the edges.
  • Enjoy fog free vision for at least 12 hours!
  • ​Reseal your FreeFromFog cloth back into the sealed packet
  • ​Your FreeFromFog cloth will last anywhere between 6-8 weeks depending on your use
  • ​The cloth is dry to ensure there is no residue left on your glasses
  • ​Do NOT wash or rinse your FreeFromFog cloth, or used other products with the cloth
  • ​Can be used on all types of optical lenses including cameras, and those with special coatings and treatments.

So It's time to make a decision, are you going to finally...

be free from fogged up glasses 

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